A Walk In The Park

My mother goes home, we stay here. We sleep with our father. My mother does not like it here so she goes home every day. Our home has two rooms – one inside, one outside.

I play here the whole day. I play carromboard with my friends. I go with them to eat mulberries and we roam around.

My father drives a car. He earns around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 per month. He gives it to my mother. My mother sells rubber glue tubes to everybody who wants it. I don’t sniff glue. My mother buys the glue from the wholesaler for around Rs. 50 and we make a profit of Rs. 50 to 100. I like playing marbles because we sell the marbles and then we use the money to eat.

In the winters, we go back home at night. I go with my father to slaughter goats.

I am not studying right now but I want to study. After studying I will become a great man. Everybody will praise me. I want to become a policeman when I grow up to beat up the bad people with a stick. I will beat up thieves with my stick. I like to walk around with a stick. I like it a lot.