I cook, but I don’t cook everyday. I cook sometimes. I can make Aloo Gobi. I can cook anything. I eat. I get food. I fill my stomach. I eat whatever food I get.

I collect garbage and beg and then I sleep. Otherwise at times I eat balls of “bhang” and then I beat up my friends. When we collect garbage, the policemen beat us with sticks saying that we are thieves.

I was collecting garbage at the railway station. My friend was also there sniffing glue in front of a policeman. They tied my hands and legs together and took me on the train. They took me away to a place beyond Kashmiri gate. There they put me in jail. I cried a lot. I jumped over the gate and ran away. Then they sent me to another jail – the big jail. They used to beat me with sticks. One day I told the policeman that I had to pee and then I escaped. I came back to my mother here.

When I grow up I want to be a policeman and work for my country. I will give money to all the beggars.