My father is a masseuse. He works in the park. When my father will give massages that’s when the money will come right? That’s when we will send the landlord the money, and if we don’t send him the money, he will break the lock and sell all our belongings. He will recover the money from selling our belongings. If my father massages for one hour he makes Rs 200 and if he massages for half an hour then Rs 150.

In the Park when it rains we tie a rope between two trees and then put a sheet over ourselves and when it stops raining we remove the sheet. You know the black sheet? That‘s what we put over ourselves when it rains.

When I wake up in the morning, I go and have a glass of sugar cane juice, then I come back and sleep for half an hour. I have jaundice, which is why I don’t drink tea and drink only sugarcane juice. I pay 5 rupees for sugarcane juice.

Then my mother wakes me up and asks me to get her water, get her tea. When the tea is done and the water is finished I have to go and get more water. Then when that water is finished I have to go and get more water. Then after the 1 o’ clock prayers I have to get the food. After food I have to get more tea, then after lunch we sleep, then we wake up, then I am asked to get more tea, so I go and get more tea. Then after the 5 o clock prayer, I have to get milk for ten rupees which I give to my family. Then at night I have to get another packet of milk and some butter. Then we drink milk and tea at night. I also have to get rotis so this is what I do the whole day.

In life the only thing I want is that we pay back the landlords all the money that we owe them. All the money the landlord keeps asking of us – I hope he gets it all back.