A Walk In The Park

I have 4 brothers and sisters. One of them is dumb, one is Gulshan, one is Shabana, one is Sahana and one brother Enus.

My father collects garbage and drinks all day. My second father who lived in Bihar, he is the one who is dead. And the other keeps drinking all day. He is here. He drinks all day, hits my mother and abuses us all day.

He collects garbage. My mother also collects garbage.

I watch TV and I eat all day. I ask my mother for money. I take 5 rupees at night for food.

Earlier I was smaller. I used to be 3 years old then I grew up and now I am 5 years old.

I eat chowmein. I like it. There you will see a lane and a red public toilet. If you climb up from there you will see a gate. Go there. That is where they give food.

I don’t go to school now. They used to beat me a lot so I stopped going. I was going to the center which is now locked. There we used to get everything. Sweets. We’d just eat food and come back. They keep saying it will open in three years, five years. Earlier they used to come here a lot. They did not beat us then. They used to teach “a..b..c..d..”. I knew how to read abcd earlier, now I have forgotten. They made me forget it, so I forgot. They said write abcd…I didn’t know what to write after that. I got angry. They made me forget it. They used to beat me.

Now I only eat. I eat food, biscuits. I eat everything. I don’t do drugs. I eat food. I will eat food when I grow up. I will eat rice.